Lucky Fortuna is here!

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Still Enjoyable in 2020!

5 years after its release date, Lucky Fortuna is still played by a great community.

Recently, Lucky fortuna has been mentioned in Top Games To Checkout in July 2020, an article covering a number of hidden gems that may have gone unnoticed but are worth a shot.


Lucky Fortuna

Lucky Fortuna is a multiplayer game either offline or online. You can play with friends in a single device, or you can connect online and play with your friends from the distance!

Endless boards

You will find the largest board collection, made by the Lucky Fortuna players community, where new boards are added daily for an endless fun!

You want to be part of the community? Visit the contribute section and send your own board suggestions!

How to play
  • Spin the wheel and choose a consonant.
  • Optionally buy a vowel for 50.
  • Once you figure the board out, solve it!

Friends & Family!

Lucky Fortuna is the perfect game to play with your family or friends. Challenge them and find out who is the smartest. The game experience is delightful. It is very user friendly and intuitive, so do not let grandma beat you!

One of the most funny and addictive games of all time! Are you ready? Spin the wheel and may the Fortune be with you!

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